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Timeless Beauty Spa prides itself with more than ten years experience in the beauty industry. Trained by the best professional Aesthetic collages in Canada, we bring you high quality service packaged with the best professional skin care products which have been tried and tested, to be effective in fighting and reducing premature aging of the skin and it’s related conditions.

Skin Science is of great interest to the founder of Timeless Beauty Spa, understanding the skin and it’s functions helps to provide valuable information on how to treat the skin and keep it from free radicals and environmental damages thereby preserving it’s elasticity, firmness, and promoting cell metabolism.

The owner and founder of Timeless Beauty Spa Theresa Phiri has an entrepreneurial spirit and is ready to build with the community of Manitoulin Island a place where beauty is timeless and ageless and must be effortless to manage. A place where one can experience total piece of mind and enjoy being spoilt. Why not? You deserve it!

Rebecca Lipartiti a dedicated Health practitioner, holds many years in the industry and acknowledges that beauty and health go hand in hand, her interest in beauty treatments go a long way from days of childhood, being able to recapture her dream of being in the beauty industry, enhancing people’s lives even more.

So ladies and gentlemen except exceptional quality service, focused mainly and sorely on you and your skin needs and of course giving you a relaxation spa experience of a lifetime.

Book your services today and enjoy our spa experience of a lifetime. Thank you,

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